NEET Previous Year Question Papers, NEET Phase 2 Sample Model Papers 2016

NEET Preparation Books & NEET Solved Papers For those who are going to appear for the NEET Exam which will be conduct annually. So candidates those who are preparing for the NEET Medical Entrance Exam have the opportunity to download the previous Year Sample Paper with Solution that will help you very much to prepare in the better way for this Medical entrance Exam. NEET is one of the Toughest Exam held for Biology students to get admissions in Popular Medical colleges. So here you can check the previous Year Sample Papers with Fully Solved Answers. NEET Sample Model Papers 2016 & NEET Guide For all Subjects is available in this Article below.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers 2016

Every Aspirants those who have applied for the NEET 2016 Exam want to get the Maximum Marks.  Because this will be the great opportunity for all the Students those who always want to study in best Indian Medical Colleges. NEET is the best way for all of them to achieve their goal. So be prepare for the Final Punch and do your best also take help from this Sample papers of previous years Exam conducted for NEET.

NEET Sample Papers Download

Sample Papers is the most valuable document during the time of Exam. From Sample Papers you can easily know what tyoe of questions being asked in previous years and from which topic most of the questions were asked. So Use this Papers for your papers and Prepare yourself for the Phase 2 Exam.


  1. AIPMT Biology Syllabus PDF FILE
  2. AIPMT Physics Syllabus   PDF FILE
  3. AIPMT Chemistry Syllabus   PDF FILE
NEET Previous Year Sample Papers  NEET Question Paper & Answer Key
NEET 2016 Phase 1   CLICK HERE


1. Two vectors of equal magnitude A on addition give a resultant vector of magnitude A. Then the magnitude of their difference vector is

(a) (b) 2A

(c) zero (d)

2. From the top of a tower 40 m high, a ball is projected upwards with a speed of 20 m s1 at an angle 30 with the horizontal. The total time of flight to hit the ground is (g = 10 m s2)

(a) 8 s (b) 4 s

(c) 6 s (d) 3 s

3. To a boy in air, a fish in water viewed normally from air appears to be at 0.6 m from the surface of water. If the refractive index of water is , then the actual depth from the surface to fish is

(a) 0.8 m (b) 0.5 m

(c) 0.95 m (d) 0.3 m

4. Two resistors R1 (10 ) and R2 (20 ) are connected in parallel. If the percentage error in the measurement of R1 and R2 are 2% and 1% respectively, then percentage error in measurement of resistance of parallel combination will be

(a) 3% (b) 1.67%

(c) 2.7% (d) 4.33%

1. The correct increasing order of dipole moment for PF3Cl2, PCl3F2 and PBrF2Cl2 is

(a) PCl3F2 < PF3Cl2 < PBrF2Cl2

(b) PBrF2Cl2 < PCl3F2 < PF3Cl2

(c) PF3Cl2 < PBrF2Cl2 < PCl3F2

(d) PCl3F2 < PBrF2Cl2 < PF3Cl2

2. For a chemical reaction, A D, the proposed mechanism is

A B Ea = 140 KJ

B C Ea = 110 KJ

C D Ea = 90 KJ

It is also given that, K = . The activation energy for the overall reaction is

(a) 70 KJ (b) 80 KJ

(c) 100 KJ (d) 120 KJ

3. The production of aluminium involves electrolysis of Al2O3. The number of moles of Al2O3 reduced by 1.5 Faraday of electricity is

(a) 0.25 (b) 0.50 (c) 0.75 (d) 1.5

4. Sulphuric acid can act as a base when mixed with

(a) HCl (b) HClO4

(c) HNO3 (d) CH3COOH

1. Consider the following matched pairs.

A. Agave – Bulb

B. Bryophyllum – Leaf buds

C. Water hyacinth – Rhizome

D. Penicillium – Conidia


The two totally wrong pairs are

(a) A and D (b) B and C

(c) A and C (d) A and B

2. Consider the statements regarding the angiosperm.

A. Pollen exine is highly thickened due to sporopollenin.

B. Three celled pollen liberation shows vegetative cell, generative cell and male gamete nucleus.

C. Cleistogamous flowers are seen in Commelina, Viola and Oxalis plants.

D In maize and bamboo, insects are acting as the pollinating agent.


The two correct and wrong statements together are given in

(a) A and B are correct; C and D are wrong

(b) A and C are correct; B and D are wrong

(c) B and D are correct; A and C are wrong

(d) A and D are correct; B and C are wrong

3. Which one of the following pair is wrongly matched?

(a) Zona – Prevent the polyspermy by

pellucida inducing and causes

change in the egg


(b) LH surge – Transformation of Graffian

follicle into corpus luteum

(c) Fallopian – Female accessory duct


(d) Placenta – Supply oxygen and

nutrients to the embryo

4. 44AA + XXY is the genetic configuration of an abnormal human male related to

(a) Klinefelter’s syndrome

(b) Turner’s syndrome

(c) Down’s syndrome

(d) Thalesemia


Questions in the Exam : In the Question Paper Total 180 Questions of Mutiple Type consist four Options. Each subject, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics shall carry 45 questions.

Timings For the Exam  : Candidates have 03 Hours to complete this Test.

Marking Procedure 

  • For Correct Answer – 4 Marks
  • For Wrong Answer – (-1) Marks
  • The entire booklet of AIPMT 2016 shall carry 720 Marks.

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